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Branded By Time

Event Identity | Save the Date, Invitation, Program, Table Collateral & Signage | Branded Goods


The annual Witte Game Dinner is renowned throughout Texas. Each year a new theme is derived for the event, and this year it was up to us to bring it to life. At Goods Collective, we pride ourselves in our ability to create distinctive event identities that also stay authentic to the existing brand. We used these values to give our client a meaningful approach in bringing “Branded By Time” to life: we knew the event had to feel like The Witte while also being unique to the event.


We immediately headed over to the museum, and spent most of our time in a room that was dedicated entirely to ranches and ranchers. This is how we like to start our projects - fully immersing ourselves in order to be as authentic as possible. We were drawn to the branding irons and an antique book that cataloged the various cattle-brand designs from the late 1800’s. After experiencing these elements in person, we were inspired to curate the event identity. We created many custom pieces that reflected the unique theme of the event and worked with a team at the museum to design a three-dimensional photo backdrop that incorporated borrowed artifacts from the museum itself. This blend of our own creativity mixed with The Witte’s distinctive charm enabled Goods Collective to bring a sometimes overlooked part of the museum to life as guests walked through the foyer. And the results speak for themselves - The Witte raised more money at this year’s event than any year before. We like to call that a win-win.

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