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The Alamo Endowment was formed to raise capital to support the preservation of the Alamo Complex. They contacted us to create an event identity for a fundraising gala. We wouldn’t miss a chance to work on something for the Alamo!

After much research and time spent with the Alamo conservator on site, we built a great case for a strong identity connecting the Alamo’s rich history with what the guests were being asked to contribute and be a part of. Pictures were taken of some markings (historic graffiti) that had been recently discovered. As these Alamo defenders had made their marks, we were asking the guests to do the same, and make their mark in history by being a part of this preservation effort. We named this event “Nota Facite,” which loosely translates in Latin to “Make Your Mark.” The invitation itself was made to look (and feel) like a flag once flown over the Alamo, packaged in a die-cut Alamo shaped envelope, and finished off with a red flag rope. Even Phil Collins himself didn't miss this event!

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