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What's in the box?

Not just a box, but an experience!


Featuring 2020 Cowgirls Live Forever


Every year the San Antonio Rodeo has their annual Cowgirls Live Forever Scholarship Fundraiser. For many years they have relied on us at Goods Collective to partner with them in order to help with establishing their event theme identity utilizing their existing brand and adapting it to that year’s honoree style.

Maintaining brand, colors, and elements consistently is key for any successful event. It ensures that attendees feel like everything is in order, is well thought out, and the expectation of a great experience is set.


Creating Experiences

Our goal is to always create elements and collateral that connect with the honoree, event, and audience; as well as the event’s return on impressions and investment. When we develop event identities, we don’t just create a logo or brand for an event, we create a whole experience around it.

As you can see in this example, we created a brand that was flexible and could be adapted for many different types of collateral. The possibilities are endless!

Brand Application

In every piece we design, we make sure that every piece is connected, well produced, and quality control is essential to us at Goods Collective.

Our years of experience in the event world helps us understand the needs, necessities, and what needs may be anticipated for each event.


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